Laser Monks in Outer Space is released! Free on itch!

Laser Monks is an ultralight tabletop roleplaying game where you play as space-paladins with Laserblades and superpowers.

The core of the game is about adhering too, or rejecting, the Laser Monk creed, known as The Path.

The Path is Peace

The Path is Compassion

The Path is Moderation

You can get it for free on by clicking the image below.

I made Laser Monks for the Ultralight Game Jam, which had two design rules:

  • the game’s rules can fit on four or less pages in an A5 format
  • the game uses a single dice type for all resolution mechanics

I interpreted these restrictions even more tightly, and decided that the rules, including the character sheet and character creation, were going to fit on 4 pages of A5. The game has a simple dice pool system and only uses D6 dice.

The left half of the character sheet, which includes the character creation rules. The right half, not pictured, has advancement and injury rules and the space to track them.

During playtesting, the players had fun with the ‘draw your Laserblade’ rules.

There is no mechanical effect, it’s just kinda neat

Laser Monks also includes an easy-to-run setting. I think it would take a GM about 15 minutes to read the setting and prepare a game session from it.

And I released the whole game under a CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license (except the front cover items).

If you play a session, let me know how it went via my twitter or in the comments here.

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