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Laser Monks in Outer Space

Pokémon Essence

Welcome to Camp Merlin on DriveThruRPG , on

Game Theory

Character Progression in Games I

Character progression in Games II: Appreciable, Qualitative and Distinctive – the DAQ criteria

Character progression in Games III: The Flag System

Play Worlds not Rules: What is a world and how do I play it?

Worldbuilding/gamebuilding trope: The Warrior, The Brain, The Utility

Qualitative design and quantitative design are not a dichotomy + glog spell joesky tax

What does balanced mean?

My first experience with Matrix Games


Designing magic: make learning the magic more engaging

Designing magic: make casting the magic more engaging

Modular 5e fire magic

The three best spells in Harry Potter: an overly comprehensive thought-train

The OTHER three best spells in Harry Potter

GM tips and NPCs

Modify idioms, swears and curses to increase unfamiliarity

Space travel procedure + random space encounters

A mechanism for prophecies in roleplaying games

What D&D class would Robin Hood be?

Using linguistic false-friends in your games

A system-neutral recurring fae NPC/encounter Robin Goodfellow/Puck


A thought experiment about shortening the calendar to 4 seasons of 28 days each.

A (niche) solution to the awkwardness of character death while adventuring


Maps from my games: lessons I’ve learned

Eradicate external canon

Too much/not enough player knowledge and pre-existing settings

Festivals in your roleplaying games – Remember, Remember the 5th of November

There is no light side of the Force

LOTR: Many Meetings and the Council of Elrond

Souls-like design

Some qualities of a souls-like ttrpg

Kid’s Games

House rules for chess with kids

More chess with kids – Chess with Mods

Schoolyard Pokémon Battles

How to use Pokémon cards and tabletop


Glog class: Dragon Wyrmling

Three Glog fighter classes: Slayer, Captain & Ranger

Glog class: Elf Wanderer

Legamon Project

Move system for Legamon

Legamon type chart

Move system for legamon part 2

Combat system for Legamon